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Title of Women Development, Child Welfare and Disabled Welfare Department
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Avoid consanguineous marriages – a main cause for disability.
Low birth weight increases the risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and stroke in adulthood.
Ensure proper nutrition to children during their first two years to prevent the irreparable, lifelong harm that results from early childhood under nutrition
Preventing infants and young children from becoming undernourished is much more effective than treating children who are already moderately malnourished.
Every second newborn has reduced learning capacity due to iodine deficiency – use and promote iodised salt.
Use iodised salt – prevent physical and mental impairment, cretinism, deaf function, hyperthyroidism (goiter), increased rate of abortions and still births.
By breast feeding, mother sheds weight gained during pregnancy and regains her original posture.
Smoking and alcohol is one of the most common cause of male impotence. It causes loss of sperm cells and increase in abnormal sperms leading to abnormalities in newborns.
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The Department over a period of time was entrusted with development of disabled, juvenile delinquents and welfare of senior citizens. The subject of drug addiction was the last subject concern entrusted to his department in 2008. In discharging its duties & responsibilities to reach out to this vast section of the society right from the unborn children to young infants growing into adolescents and thereafter to adults, the department is faced with multifarious challenges in this huge daunting task, the department believes that only if each adult individual and all civil society organizations recognize and share their mite can we ensure protection of child rights of women & promote development of these critical sections who shape and determine the state and destiny of our society. This website aims to remind each one of us our role & responsibilities and shows the path for creating a happy & healthy society apart from being as informative as possible for all our stakeholders.

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