Right to Information Act Women Development and Child Welfare

Chapter 15 - Information Available to Public (Section 4(1)(b)xv))

15. Particulars of facilities available to citizens for obtaining information including the working hours of a library or information center or reading room maintained for public use where information relating to the department or records / documents are made available to the public.


Description (Location
of  Facility/Name etc.)

Details of information
made available

Notice Board

At the Office of the functionary Citizens Charter of  the Department was displayed  at Regional Offices, Project Directors Offices and Child Development Project Offices

.List of citizen charters
Departmental activities; facilities / services made available to the public; the authority for redressal of grievances  / lodging complaints etc

News Paper Reports






Information Counter




Indira Darsini

Monthly Magazine, Editorial; Current issues on Women, Children, judgments;  Achievements, Acts pertaining to Women and Activities taken up in districts and by the Department;



General information of the  Department and activities, G.Os. etc.

Other Facilities